Home is where the heart is………….

Home for me is being with my mummy!

Home for me is being with my mummy!

They say that home is where the heart is…..what does this mean to you? To me     it means that when we are being true to ourselves, being authentic, doing      what is genuinely good for us that our heart feels at “home”. We feel at peace, content, happy and have a warm fuzzy sense of belonging. We know that we are on the right path. It is like a huge hug from a loved one. We are living in the moment and we feel great. I believe that one of the most important reasons that each of us are here on earth is to find ourselves, to follow our heart, to feel good and to be happy. In doing this we will live a full and contented life, living out our intended purpose. Those moments of feeling at home or having a happy heart are our way of knowing that we are being true and living the life we were meant to. So if I ask you what aspects of your life make you “feel at home” what would you tell me?

 Now when I say what makes you feel good we must be clear to talk about things that are positive, healthy and helping you to be the best you can be?  There maybe things in your life that make you feel good for short periods but you know in your heart that they are not actually “right” for you.  Something that truthfully makes you feel at home will not be followed by bouts of guilt or shame. For example, You may tell me that getting drunk, eating too much or sitting on the couch all day feels great at the time, but you know in your heart that these things are not creating actual happiness or giving you a true sense of living a full life. Time has come to get real and to start to try living a “life that makes you feel at home”.

Now we are all unique and when we are truly being ourselves we actually learn to celebrate others differences and understand that we will all make different choices and that is okay.  As long as we are being true to ourselves, not hurting others and following our heart than surely we will make the best life choices and be at our happiest. All too often we are told or tell others how we/they should be, act and feel.  If we are here to learn how to be our genuine selves than we must be true and let others do the same. I am guilty of judging others and thinking that I know what is best for them, but in actual fact learning this lesson teaches me that I have no way of knowing what is best for others. The only person that I can try to know what is best for is me.  If I could impart only one lesson to my children it would be to teach them to be themselves, to take time to really know who they genuinely are, to discover what they actually want and to truly follow their hearts. If we could all practise this a little more, I am sure that we would live in a more tolerable and happier place.

I believe that, that sense of being “home” is our hearts way of saying “you are on the right path”.  When we go off track or make choices that are not true for us than we can suffer from stress, anxiety, doubt, guilt, negativity and have the feeling that life is just not quite right……….Home is where the heart is! What areas of your life is your “heart at home” and what areas of your life need attention? Please share with us your thoughts on this one…….??


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