Do you let other’s run their own race?

Why don't you listen?  I told you to bark like me...stop that meowing!

Why don’t you listen? I told you to bark like me…stop that meowing!

Following on from my Run your own race  post which talked about doing your own thing, running your own race and  not comparing yourself to others, I thought that we might need to look at  this from another point of view.  Absolutely!…..We  should run our race…….but the flip side of this is letting others  run their own race too.

I must be the first to put my hand up and admit that I am guilty of looking at what others  are doing and saying “Why would they do that” or “What were they thinking when they decided that?” but guess what I have realised?? By thinking these things I am not letting others run their own race. I am being a hypocrite. Do I want everyone to live by my rules? Should everyone live as I do?……….NO WAY! I am me, you are you…we are created as individuals and should be left to make our own choices and run our own race. We are unique and must let other’s be unique and create their own path.  As long as people’s choices do not intentionally hurt others, their choices do not neglect their responsibilities and they are not behaving recklessly, then each of us should be able to run our own race.  In a perfect world we would all only make positive, enlightened and supportive choices, but as we all know, we do not live in a perfect world and we will often make choices that just don’t work out. This is okay; the only way to learn what works and what is true for us is to learn what does not work for us and what feels wrong.  We should let others be to find themselves.  Instead of using our time worrying about everyone else’s race and imposing our ideas on them, we should be focusing on our race and what we can do to improve our lives and our happiness.

So here’s a cheer to our uniqueness! Let’s celebrate our differences instead of bitching about them and let’s all try to live the best life we can as individuals. Remember COMPARE=DESPAIR!  Do you run your own race or like me are you a little guilty of worrying about what everyone is up to?

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