Are you grateful for your family?


These are my favourite moments

These are my favourite moments

Well the start of a new month and time for us to have our first of the month reality check.  This month, being December and the beginning of the festive season, I thought we could all reflect on one of the most important areas in our life, but an area often neglected.  One that we may take for granted and one that deserves much love, nurturing and attention….FAMILY!

Now I know only too well how life just takes over. Work, bills, appointments, health issues, geographical distances and just plain old life can get in the way. Family are with us from birth, through tough, happy and sad times. It is often our family members who know us the most and definitely who have known us longest. They see us at our best and also at our worst.  Now I also know that there is no such thing as the “perfect family” and I am not trying to get you to resolve all of your family differences or get everyone to join in on a great big love fest, but how about giving some thought to your family this month… both your immediate and your extended family.

I have just been to a lovely family wedding this past weekend and it made me think how precious family are and how special it is to share such momentous occasions with those that we care so deeply for.  All too often, we wait on births, weddings, Christmas and sadly the end of one’s life to give real thought to how precious our family are. This December why not give special thought to your family, those that are near and those that are far, those that you adore spending time with and those that you struggle to understand. For those that live with you, let them know that you love and value them. For those that are far away, maybe pick up the phone and call them or make an effort to catch up. For those that you have not spoken to in some time or are estranged from can you at the very least, just try to think of 3 good times you had with them and at the very most call them or send them a Christmas Card.

I just saw an interview with Barry Gibb, the sole remaining Gibb brother, from the Bee Gees and he said that his greatest regret in his life and one that he must always live with, is that when each of his 3 brothers died at various stages over the years that he was arguing with them.  Now we cannot change the past but we can make a concerted effort to improve our future and this includes our relationships, and in particular our family.

“What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family.” Mother Theresa

And lastly a little question to ponder………….
What will do you do this month to show your gratitude or improve your family relationships? Please let me know? Love to hear from you……..




4 responses to “Are you grateful for your family?

  1. Well, this is a timely one for me, as both my husband and I have siblings that we are truly NOT grateful to have. While I don’t plan to make amends, and our siblings also don’t have any interest in building better relationships, I will try to be grateful that we are all civil and friendly when together.

  2. Just being able to get together and being able to be civil is wonderful. The reality of it is that more families are probably like yours rather than the “warm, fuzzy, perfect tv/movie families” that all seem to thrive on each other’s company. I personally don’t know of any “perfect” families. Thanks for you comment!

  3. We always have a wonderful time at Christmas. I am so grateful we have a close and loving family. My children are all very close even the in-laws.
    Christmas Day at our home is the best day of the year, not because of gifts, but because we are all together and we actually like and enjoy each others company.

    • Being around those we care about is such a lovely feeling. Doesn’t it feel wonderful when we are truly grateful something, all troubles seem to melt away.
      Thanks for your words.

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