New beginnings…..

I am so grateful to be here! Today is a new beginning.

I am so grateful to be here! Today is a new beginning.

Imagine that you had a second chance at life? Imagine that you truly believed that the world was going to end but then woke up to a new day and realised that your life had just begun? Would you feel/act or think differently? Would you want to grab life by the horns and give it a red hot go?

Why not make that day be today? Okay, so the Mayan’s calendar “end of the world” thing was hugely over exaggerated and we are all still here living, breathing and getting on with stuff. Why not take this time, this new day as an opportunity to renew, refresh and recreate? Why not make a shift, a positive shift? Let’s pretend that we really do have a second chance and start with a new beginning. Let’s all start a glass half full life, let’s look after ourselves and those around us. Let’s show compassion, acceptance, understanding, gratitude and kindness to ourselves and our fellow man/woman. Let’s start working toward our dreams and making new goals. Let’s start living as happy as a pig in mud! What can you do to be more positive, to be healthier, and to be the best you can? What aspects of your life could do with having a makeover? Be honest and take time to really reflect on this………please let me know what ideas you come up with and what real changes you plan to make to make your life happier?

2 responses to “New beginnings…..

  1. I look at the end of the Mayan calender, not as an end.. but more of a new beginning of consciousness.Like a new age of awareness if you like..
    I am learning to be more aware of my intuition, inner feelings, and my relationships with the people around me.
    Why it has taken me so long to come to this, is a mystery, but here I am at 65 looking through different eyes.

    • Yes Cherie I think that many people see this as an exciting time with new beginnings and new opportunites. Learning to listen to intuition and inner feelings is something that I am trying to be more aware of too. I firmly beleive that the more we can do this the more we are being who we are meant to be and the happier we will be. Thanks for visiting.

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