Do you like yourself?

Do you try to be the best you can be?….Now, when I ask if you try to be your best, I don’t mean do you try to be the best at everything, I mean do you make a conscious effort to work on those negatives and enhance your positives? Do you believe that personal growth and change is possible and something that you actually have some control over? OR are you from the “I am what I am, take it or leave it, like me warts and all or rack off” camp? Now I firmly believe that others shouldn’t try to make us change just to suit their rules but I also believe that we should strive to bring out our best………. Famous American, poet, author Maya Angelou makes a very poignant point when she made the following quote “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it”…with this in mind are you successful?

Are you aware of your flaws? Do you try to improve your ways? For example let’s say that you know that you are a bit negative, can you start the day telling yourself that you will make an effort to be more positive today? Let’s say that you are aware that you sometimes talk down to others, or over the top of others, can you make an effort today to listen to others and try to speak to others as you would like to be spoken too? Instead of letting your negative inner voice come to the fore can you make an effort to listen to your heart or your positive voice? Let go of fear, ego, and reactionary ways and take a moment to reflect, be calm and make a more positive choice. You will always feel better and be more successful when you choose from the heart.
Have you ever heard that inner voice, talk to you just before you are about to do or say something born of fear or negativity… might sound something like this “Don’t say/do that, it will make the other person upset!” and have you ever totally ignored that voice and said/done that negative thing and then been so annoyed and upset with yourself for doing what you know was the wrong thing? It feels really bad and you want to kick yourself, believe me I know.
Why not make a concerted effort to work on your flaws and really begin to like yourself and your decisions? How good does it feel when you make choices that make you proud of who you are?? Now I know that this is not easy and as none of us are perfect, we will always have some flaws to contend with. I have near on 46 years of flaws to work with, but you know what, I am sure that I can make a positive change and I am sure that I will feel way better for it. How about you? What changes can you make?


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