What are you drawn too?????

I am drawn to "chilling out"

I am drawn to “chilling out”

What are you drawn too, what speaks to your heart, what do you have a natural affinity for? Are there events, people, things, places that really pull at your heart strings? You may not be able to explain it but you just “know” that feeling that you get and how deeply affected you are when you see or hear such things. It is a connection, a knowing, and it feels like part of you???

It may be a place that you want to go to but don’t know why, an animal that you feel you would love to see or interact with, it may be a style of music that raises the hairs on the back of your neck, it may be a subject that you want to read about and study, a style of art that just speaks to you in a way that simply amazes you, a form of exercise that you feel was made just for you or a person that you just know you have to meet or learn more about??
It may be a little more abstract than that……I know for me that when I see people helping others from the kindness of their heart, or showing acts of bravery I am always brought to tears….I literally can feel it in my heart. I am overwhelmed with emotion and feel such a deep sense of wanting to be a part of it. I know that as my children grow and move on with their lives that I want to help others …..At this stage I don’t know how this will come about but I know it will.
Over the next week try to think of what you are naturally drawn to, what calls to you, what feels like home??? Now when I talk about such callings, of course I am talking about positive, nurturing and self-improving passions. You will know in your heart what is right and what is real for you. I believe that finding and nurturing these deep connections puts us in touch with our true selves and puts us on the path to being our harmonious and happy self. Please let me know what you have an affinity for……I would really love to hear what different affinities people have?


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