Are you in touch with your Inner Guru??

Just 'cos I'm wise does not mean I know what's best for you.

Just ‘cos I’m wise does not mean I know what’s best for you.

Are you in touch with your “inner Guru”?? When you search for answers, do you go within?? Or do you pursue others and ask them what is best for you? Do you believe that when you choose from the heart you make the best choices for yourself or do you believe that another could know you better than you know yourself and that they would be better suited to tell you what direction you should go in?

I watched a fascinating documentary the other day that proved something that I am slowly coming to terms with……”the answers are within”. When we search for the truth we should begin with ourselves, when we try to find the answers we should ask the question of ourselves, when we seek guidance we should look within our very own heart…..all we need to know is there.
Vikram Gandhi, a young American Director of Indian decent, was feeling jaded and confused about life and spirituality. His Indian heritage had taught him to respect and trust his spiritual leaders. In his teen years he began to question his teachings and the so called “wisdom” of the exalted and unchallenged, spiritual leaders. This questioning made him embark on a fascinating social experiment. He grew long hair and a beard, adorned himself with Indian robes and took on a heavy Indian accent. He employed a couple of helpers and began his experiment as “Kumare, the Indian Guru”. He went to a smallish community in Phoenix Arizona and begun to collect a gathering of devout and unquestioning followers. They hung on his every word, they looked up to him, they devoured his so called wisdom and instantly trusted him with their lives. He wanted to see how easy it was to become their “Guru”. Surprisingly it was all too easy. He spoke in riddles and actually told them nothing. All he basically did was listen, laugh, befriend them, value them and made them feel special. All he told them was that they had the answers inside them and that they should be their own Guru. His followers did not realise that he was merely encouraging them to trust their heart and make choices based on what they truly believed. As he listened to them they actually formed their own decisions and choices and were doing a splendid job of it. All he did was listen and encourage their self-awareness.
After some time he revealed his true identity to them. He came back clean shaven, in everyday clothes and speaking in his usual American accent. Most of the followers were okay with his revelation but a couple felt betrayed and lied to. The followers that remained were okay with his transformation as they still knew that they had been taught a valuable lesson………”That the answers are within…..that each of us is our own Guru”.
So do you trust your inner Guru? Do you trust your heart? Do you follow you intuition? Are you looking for answers outside of yourself when you only have to look within?????????

2 responses to “Are you in touch with your Inner Guru??

  1. Wow..that sounds like an interesting documentary and experiment. Kinda scary how easy it is to become a guru. I guess people are always looking for answers outside of themselves.

  2. Yes O& G it is raellyamazing…..he asked them to imagine life as their ideal self. If they were being their ideal self what would they be doing and where would they be? Once they had pictured this and actually thought about it, it was if they had a major shift. They came up with all of the answers and all of the changes and really needed no help from him. All of the answers were within each of them…….so that poses the question….who is your ideal self??? See no need for a guru here!

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