Are you grateful for today??

I am too busy to enjoy anything!

I am too busy to enjoy anything!

Do you live your life as if it were a “to do list”? Do you race through ticking off events/milestones/chores/occasions as if they were jobs completed off your list? Going from one event to the next, ticking it off and moving onto the next without savouring and finding joy along the way? OR Do you take time to stop and smell the roses? Do you enjoy each moment for what it is or are you a little guilty of moving from one event to the next without appreciating the in between times? Why not be grateful for every moment, why not live for the now and enjoy the journey to the destination as well as loving the destination when you get there?

I am guilty of treating life like a “to do list” that I must get on with, rather than seeing life as a gift that should be relished at every moment. I am guilty of living life like it is a series of chores to get done rather than living and appreciating every single moment. I often look back on moments throughout my life and wished that I had spent more time simply enjoying them and the events that led to them. I have come to this realisation many a time, but foolishly have never really changed my approach. Well, I think it is time for a change…time to start living in the now, and treating the present like the gift that it is. I have always liked the saying “Yesterday is History, Tomorrow a Mystery, Today is a Gift, Thats why it’s called the Present” but never really lived by it.
This topic also reminds me of a Robbie Williams song Singing for the lonely, where he sings “I seem to spend my life just waiting for the chorus ‘Cause the verse is never nearly good enough” Well no more for me……it is time to treat each day like a new beginning, time to stop dwelling in the past and longing for the future……it is time to relish every day and each moment and to grateful for the “verse” parts and the “chorus” parts of life! Are you ready to be grateful and live in the now????? Love to hear from you….tell me what you think??


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