Judging others……are you guilty??

"Why are you so aggressive? I am never agressive and if you don't stop I will rip you to shreds"

“Why are you so aggressive? I am never agressive and if you don’t stop I will rip you to shreds”

Have you ever been guilty of being “the pot that called the kettle black?”
In other words have you ever been guilty of pointing out someone else’s faults when in fact you are guilty of the exact same imperfections yourself?

Recently I have heard a lot of chatter from a few people delightfully, pointing out other people’s faults, when I can see – (looking from the outside in), that the people making the accusations are actually guilty of the very same failing themselves. Now it might not be too the same extent but they are still guilty of what they are judging. For example: There might be a colleague that you don’t like who is always right, who does not listen and is painfully, negative. It might really peeve you off, but if you were to, metaphorically, look in the mirror…you may recall a time where you have really wanted to get a point across and not listened to others because you felt right and also a time where you have been negative. Now your colleague might be like this 99% of the time and you might only be like it 10% of the time but you still are guilty of having the very same flaws. So next time someone really makes you cranky, ask yourself: what is it about them that is annoying me? And am I guilty, in any way, at times of being like that too??
Some of the following scenarios might help you to understand my point:
“I hate people who steal, I would never steal”…..Have you ever: fudged the figures ever so slightly on your tax; or accepted a dollar too much in your change? Or have you ever got to work late or left early and not had your time deducted from you wage? Or even just eaten a grape in a fruit shop? If you have done any of them then you have stolen!
“I hate people who lie”….Now we have all lied at some point! To be nice, to protect someone, to avoid divulging a secret, or to get out of something…..you get my drift! We have all lied, so we can say we are all liars.
“I hate people who are late”…..so you have never ever been late in your whole, entire life, not even 1 minute late? I doubt it.
No one is perfect! We all have flaws….next time you want to point out someone else’s shortcomings take a good look at yourself and your own shortcomings. Be honest and use it as a time to reflect and to see areas about yourself that could do with some improvement.
I love this saying and need to remind myself of it often. “Before you judge me you had better make sure that you are perfect first” Unknown
This week try to resist the temptation to judge others or if you just can’t help yourself….ask yourself what that judgement about them actually says about you? Let me know how you go? I would love to hear from you guys out there.


2 responses to “Judging others……are you guilty??

  1. Hey, Michelle, I’ve missed your writing–come back!

  2. Thank you so much…you have inspired me to get my s*%t together and get back on. Life has been nuts. Starting tomorrow I will return.

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