Where are you on the positivity scale???

Sometimes being positive is hard work.

Sometimes being positive is hard work.

If there was such a thing as a positivity scale, where do you honestly think that you would sit on it?
Let’s pretend that 1 is mainly negative, and 10 is super positive. Now when I talk about this scale I am thinking about you as a complete package, I am talking about your thoughts, your words and your actions.
Only you can honestly tell me what your thoughts are…..are your thoughts mainly kind, accepting and understanding or are your thoughts mainly negative, judgemental and superior. What would those closest to you tell me about your words? Would they say that your words are encouraging, supportive, kind and pleasant or would they tell me that your words are critical, patronising and at times just plain rude? What would those around you tell me about your actions? Would they say that you are generous, thoughtful and active or would they tell me that you can be arrogant, self-centred and lazy? So bearing all this in mind where would you place yourself on this imaginary positivity scale?
I would love to place myself at the 10ish end, but I in reality I know I can’t. I actually believe that I come across as being way more positive than I really am. I try to be positive as much as possible but believe me, it is a daily challenge, a work in progress. I really have to actively work on being positive and my self-talk to encourage this, is near on a full-time job. It is a daily choice I make to try to be positive.
When I was growing up, even though I was mainly happy, I was quite a jealous and self-critical little poppet. I was always the smallest, not the prettiest, not the smartest, not the sportiest, others always seemed to have more, I did not grow up in a typical “happy nuclear family” and it seemed to me that everyone else had it better than me. I often played the compare game and often believed that I fell short of those around me. I believe that this had led me to be, at times, quite negative, particularly in my thoughts. I have worked very hard to turn this around, but 40 odd years of being a certain way does not change overnight. So I figure that I would pop myself at a 6.5 on the scale and see myself as working hard to be more positive. For me the challenge is to stop playing the compare game……COMPARE=DESPAIR and does not do any of us any favours at all. I find that I am way more positive when I focus on being grateful and appreciative for what I have and not focussing on what I don’t.
I suppose my challenge to you, is for you to truly think where you sit on this scale and to try to think of ways to be more positive.
Really think about your thoughts….are they generally positive and nurturing or often negative, self –doubting or critical? What can you do to make your thoughts more positive?
Really think about your words….do your words inspire, encourage, and praise others or are your words negative, critical and condescending to others?
Really think about your actions…do you treat others how you want to be treated, do you act in love and with respect, are you active or can you act in a self-righteous manner, be a little patronising, act in fear and be quite lazy? What actions in your life do you need to change?

Being positive feels great, makes us happier ,does bucket loads for our health and self-esteem and let’s just face it, makes us a whole lot nicer to be around……..so what are you going to change today to be more positive?? Let me know??

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