Heaven or hell?

This is heaven....

This is heaven….

Have you ever heard the saying that “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” or “one man’s hell is another man’s heaven”? Why is it that two people, put in exactly the same situation can handle things so differently? Why is it that two people who can hear precisely the same news can hear it so oppositely?
Some people just seem to have more resilience, are more optimistic or I suppose are just more positive. Some people can see challenges as things to be risen above and some people see them as a direct personal attack. Some people have encouraging and supportive self-talk to get them through, whilst others are prone to self-doubt and their self-talk is quite negative and unhelpful.
I read a little story the other day which really made me think and I wanted to share it with you:
A girl meets god and asks “Dear God, what is the difference between heaven and hell?” God says “come with me my child and I shall show you.” God takes her into a room where she sees a massive pot of stew surrounded by a group of hungry, miserable people holding onto really, really long spoons. God explains that the spoons are so long that the people can’t feed themselves and that they are dejected and starving. Then God takes her in to see heaven, she was surprised to see the exact same pot of stew and the exact same number of people surrounding it, holding onto the exact same spoons. These people were happy and joyous and didn’t look hungry at all. God explained “these people have found heaven; they have learned to look after one another and feed each other”.
I see 2 morals to this story 1. Caring/looking out for others, and not just focusing inward, can directly affect our happiness. 2. That a positive/solution focussed attitude will always get you further in life and will always be the best approach.
Which room would you be in? Do you get bogged down in negativity and problems of life or are you more positive and resilient? Do you realise that the state of your mind directly affects your happiness and the choices you make? Do you understand that you can change the state of your mind and that you can actually choose to be more optimistic? We are at our most positive when we are being grateful, choosing in love and not letting fear seep in. Why not make today the first day of the rest of your life and from now on take the productive and not the destructive option? Look for the silver lining and build your resilience. Why make things out to be a catastrophe when you know deep down you are strong enough to make it through? Why be negative when you can choose to be more positive?

3 responses to “Heaven or hell?

  1. Oh how I love your blogs. It is too easy to live oblivious to all the beauty around you. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy days to write these words. Who knows how many people you have planted the seed, or merely reminded of the great things out there. Keep it up-my mini angel!

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