Recurring themes….

Why is it that every time I play this game it hurts?

Why is it that every time I play this game it hurts?

Does your life involve any recurring themes? Does the same thing happen to you over and over again? Do you fall into the same traps often? Does bad luck, poor relationships, family tensions, job issues, money concerns, or ill health seem to follow you around like a bad smell? Do you often find yourself asking “Why me?”

Sometimes we need to take a good hard look in the mirror and truthfully ask ourselves what part we play in our own misfortunes. We need to stop the blame game and start looking inward. I was listening to someone tell me, the other day, about the numerous jobs that they’d had and how every single one ended badly. Everyone that they had worked for were “stupid”, every job ended in massive arguments, no one knew how to run business and every boss was an ar%*hole. Had it ever occurred to this person that the recurring theme in every bad job was actually them? Could the fact that this person comes across as being argumentative, self-absorbed, really quite negative and a creator of drama, play any part in their “bad luck”.
What areas of your life have a recurring pattern? Common areas to look at are: health; weight; money; relationships; family issues; jobs and organisation. Take an honest look at your part in your repeated issues. You cannot say that you have done everything right; you cannot say that you are not responsible in some way and you cannot keep blaming others for your shortcomings or areas of concern in your life.
We all need to be candid, ask ourselves how we can improve, let go of some ego, forgive our past blunders and learn from our recurring mistakes and move on. Next time you find yourself asking “why does this always happen to me” change your question to “what behaviour am I repeating that is causing this?” How about starting some positive recurring themes in our lives? Gratitude; forgiveness; looking after our health; caring for others; letting go of fear; getting organised and acting in love are all excellent recurring practices to make your life happy and fulfilling.

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