One size fits all????????

These one size fits all outfits are too big!

These one size fits all outfits are too big!

One size fits all……pffft!

You know what I have come to realize??? This is impossible.
Why, for one second, would we think that a t-shirt that comes with a tag saying one size fits all could ever possibly fit “ALL”. When you think of it, this notion is utterly ridiculous. Try to picture it….imagine a size 6 petite young lady and a size 5xl man wearing the exact same t-shirt……Ludicrous.
So then, why would we think that the answers and solutions that we seek would come in a one size fits all format? We are all so different, so unique, how could a one size fits all approach work for anything?

According to this one size fits all methodology……we would all be thin, fit, have perfect relationships, be totally organised, know the secret to life, have our ideal job, be the perfect parents, we would all look awesome and live a rich, full and happy life. We are constantly bombarded with advertising, marketing and promotions of the latest and greatest: diet; new pill that sheds weight; the new book with the answers to life; the new cream that enhances your sex life, the new DVD that will fix your marriage, the new course that creates perfect parents, the new potion that makes you look 15 years younger or a health tonic that makes stress disappear. Well, I don’t know about you but I am yet to see any evidence that one solitary book, DVD, diet, cream, potion or latest exercise fad, that fits us all. If this were true, we would all look young, be fit and sexy, have all of our emotions and relationships right on track and be rich beyond our wildest dreams.

Now I am not trying to be negative, I am just stating the facts. If there was a “perfect” way to do something, there would be a book on it…..we would all own that book and we would all do it. The reason that this cannot happen is that we are all different. What works for me, will not work for someone else. A diet that you love, may make another put on weight. A self-help book that speaks to your heart may be gobbidly gook to me. Your favourite type of exercise might be another’s nightmare. Your style of parenting that is working brilliantly for you may not appeal to others at all.

So what do we do if there is not really a one size fits all approach to anything? I suppose the answer is then to figure out what works for you as an individual. Really get to know yourself and what makes you the best person you can possibly be. What makes you happy? What reduces your stress? What do you love to do? What can you do to make yourself healthier? Only you can answer these questions. Only you know what areas of your life really need your attention. By all means read books, watch DVD’s, listen to CD’s, get advice and seek help but promise me one thing…..that you will always look out for yourself and that you will always do what is right for you and your soul. Run your own race, be yourself, be authentic and always make decisions based on what you know sits right for you.


4 responses to “One size fits all????????

  1. I say, find the size that makes you comfortable ,and who cares what others might think. Very good post, Michelle. This is a good lesson for teenages to learn too.

  2. Thanks Michele. Yes if only teenagers could realise how special each and every one of them are.

  3. This is true as well as adorable. Really enjoy your site and I believe you’ve found another follower!

    We were all created uniquely. It would be a boring world if we all looked alike, wouldn’t it? Blessings,

    • Thanks for visiting and following my blog. I truly appreciate it.

      If we were all the same we would be a world of robots….you are so right when you say that would be boring!

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