Life lessons……..where do you learn?

Hold on son.....I'll teach you how to swim.

Hold on son…..I’ll teach you how to swim.

When you are in need of guidance, support or just a friendly, non-judgmental ear where do you go? Who are your mentors and teachers? Who do you look up to and what have you found helpful as you travel through this maze called life?
When we were young I suppose we looked to our parents, family members, teachers, coaches and those closest to us to teach us life’s invaluable lessons. We learned our values, how to act in different situations and all manner of life skills that got us through our child hood and into our early adult hood. But what do we do as adults? What do we do when we have flown from the nest and have to fend on our own? As we all know our learning never stops and we are all put in situations, on a daily basis, where we need support, assistance, guidance or a friendly sounding board? Who do you turn to? Who do you admire enough to help you through your journey? What other sources do you seek out to guide you through?
I have realised that I learn from so many different sources. Sometimes I am actively seeking advice or solutions and at other times my learning is completely random. Sometimes I know exactly who I will go to for help and sometimes the best assistance comes from a completely unexpected source.
Parenting has taught me about unconditional love, patience and to go with my gut.
My sister has taught me many things including how to be a loving parent and has given me inspiration to make tasty, healthy food.
My love of music and the style of music I am drawn to comes from my brother.
My friends, over the years, have taught me bucket loads, including: positivity; kindness; acceptance; the importance of having fun; the love of going on walks; and loads of tips on gardening, cooking and parenting.
One of my old work colleagues has taught me invaluable lessons in raising teens.
Various jobs and different colleagues have taught me how to deal with all sorts of personalities and that change is okay.
Oprah taught me that “it is okay to No” and that “we teach others how to treat us”, both lessons have been invaluable to me.
Michael Jackson, through his music has taught me that we should all “start with the man in the mirror” and “it doesn’t matter if your black or white”.
Numerous self-help type books have taught me to trust in myself, the significance of being myself, the importance of being grateful and that I am responsible for my choices and my life.
Much of my learning has also come from: reading; watching interviews; documentaries; listening to people I respect; watching acts of others that I admire; learning about things I don’t like; and much has come from the love of observing and being interested in others.
I suppose what I have realised is that we need to take our blinkers off and be open to the lessons that life has to teach us and the countless ways that these lessons can be delivered . Are you open to learning and do you realise that you can learn from many different sources?

2 responses to “Life lessons……..where do you learn?

  1. What a truly wonderful post. Thank you for taking the time out of your days to do this. It has helped me in times when I have needed a happy sparkle or a simple reminder, as I am sure it has many others. I only hope more people find you to read these words.

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