Organisation….balance is the key!

This mess is stressing me out, can't we get more organised?

This mess is stressing me out, can’t we get more organised?

I am a firm believer that being organised can be a major contributor to our happiness. When we feel on top of things and that life is in order we have a sense of serenity and calmness. When we are in a state of disorder we can feel overwhelmed and overly stressed. Is organisation making your life enjoyable or on the flip side, too rigid and strict? Would those around you say that your life is: a mess; organized or too controlled?

The key to many things in life is balance and this is certainly true of organisation. Too organised and life can be inflexible and army like and too unorganised and life can be a hectic and stressful jumble. Where do you sit on the organisation scale….if 1 was “my life is a mess, I overbook myself, my house looks like a bomb hit it, my finances are in complete disorder, I am always double booking and missing appointments and friends/family would say that I am a chaotic stress head” to 10 “free time is a waste of time, my house is spotless, my plans are set in concrete, there is no room for impulsiveness, my life runs like a precision military operation, I keep a journal of every cent spent, and my friends and family may think of me as the fun police”. My hope for us all that we sit somewhere in the middle….as I say balance is the key here.
We need to be organised to help keep our stress levels down, to be prepared, to plan, to keep on top of finances and to help keep our life in order. But on the other hand we need to be flexible, bend with the wind, and have room in our life for fun and spontaneity.
I must admit I used to be a bit too organised, maybe an 8 on the scale…..but I am hoping that as I have aged that I am more of a 6 or 6.5 now. I now try to keep life simple, I have learned that is perfectly fine to say no so I don’t overbook myself or end up doing things I don’t want to, I have learned to be organised but flexible, to keep the house tidy not spotless, to organise what I need to and to be bendable enough to let the enjoyment of life happen.
Do you need to make some changes to you organisation levels in the New Year?


2 responses to “Organisation….balance is the key!

  1. I think I’m opposite to you, I went from super organised in my youth to the chaotic & stressful. Now I’m organising myself for somewhere in the happy middle ground 🙂

  2. Thanks for dropping by and saying hi. The happy middle ground sounds like a great place to be!

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