Do you enjoy your life?

Mmmm..I am trying to think of ways to make my life more enjoyable???

Mmmm..I am trying to think of ways to make my life more enjoyable???

Do you enjoy your life? Yes I am asking you to get a little philosophical today………
For many of us we may need to break this down into the different aspects of our lives: home; work and play. For example, some of us may be very happy at home but miserable at work. So if you break your life into these 3 general categories how does each area rate? Maybe give them a score out of 10?
Be really honest here and have a good think about it. Are there areas of your life that need improvement? Can you do some simple things to make your life more enjoyable? After all why would we choose to say no to making our life happier and more pleasurable?
Are you as organised as you could be? Being unorganised can be overwhelming, stressful and downright annoying. Would getting things a bit more organised help improve your day to day life?
If you were required to have a physical right now how would your health rate? Could you eat better, sleep more or get fitter. Having a reduced immune system and less than desirable health can greatly affect our satisfaction in life. Improving our energy levels can definitely raise our enjoyment levels.
Are your relationships in need of a fine tune? This covers all facets of life: work; family and friends. Are your relationships positive, supportive and nurturing? If not what can you do to make things better? Do you get enough social interaction? Studies have shown that we all need to interact with others to be happy. A simple weekly cuppa/walk/catch up with a friend may enrich your week more than you could realise.
Are their things about your job that you can change? No job is perfect but seeing as we spend so much of our time working why not make it as positive as possible. Is your attitude towards work one of gratitude and positivity or do you start each day dreading your job? Are there modifications that you can make to improve your work?
Are you grateful? Simply acknowledging, at the beginning and end of each day, 5 things that you are grateful for can turn your happiness in the right direction. We can look at each day as something to be endured and “gotten through” or as an opportunity to appreciate and experience life.
Do you have a pastime/hobby that you enjoy? Sometimes having too much time on our hands can make us bored, uninterested or restless. Finding something that we love to do in our spare time can really enhance our life and boost our happiness.
In these days of uncertainty and confusion, I am sure of a few simple things: Life is meant to be enjoyed, we are meant to be as happy as we can be and we are meant to love and be loved.
So how does each area of your life rate? What can you change or start to change now that will improve things?


2 responses to “Do you enjoy your life?

  1. I’m a work in progress. Good post 🙂

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