The art of instinct

Don't know why but I think I can fly.

Don’t know why but I think I can fly.

Have we lost the art of instinct?
Do we look to books, religion or the words of others to tell us how to live? Or do we let our instincts guide us and help us to make each choice as we travel through this crazy life? Nature is a marvellous miracle and seems to work spectacularly for plants and animals but when it comes to us mere mortals we seem to have to have to be told how to live. How many baby birds do you see reading a “Flying for dummies manual”? How many daffodils need to attend a self-help workshop on how to form a petal?

Now believe me I am not saying that we should not try to improve ourselves and that we should not use these resources as tools, but all too often people follow directions or advice even if it does not sit comfortably with them. I firmly believe that each of us have been given our own internal barometer, our own individual intuition to help guide us on our journey….just like the birds and the daffodils. If we listen to our heart and soul and make choices that we as individuals feel good about than surely we must be on the right path. Surely we are happiest when we make decisions that feel true to our hearts.
We should never try to live by another’s ways as we should never try to pass our intuition or our internal belief system onto another. Life is not one size fits all or my way or the highway set up. As I have said often, if there was a right way to parent, be in a relationship; earn a million dollars etc. then there would be a book written about it….we would all have that book and we would all live the same charmed life. We are glorious individuals and as such should aspire to be the best “me” we can.
How are your life instinct skills? Do you feel life runs more smoothly when you choose by instinct? Do you feel your way through life or do you look for outside forces to guide you?

2 responses to “The art of instinct

  1. Great post! I didn’t always trust my instincts, but now I rely on them. I think it takes time to learn trust in yourself.

  2. Yes Michelle, anytime I go against my instincts I am always reminded to trust in myself and my instincts. Thanks for popping in.

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