How you see yourself versus how others see you????????

I see myself as a duck but my friends say that I act like a goose

I see myself as a duck but my friends say that I act like a goose

How do you see yourself?  Have you ever met someone who can be rude, arrogant and just not that nice and wondered what they think of themselves?  We have all come across those people that just aren’t very approachable and I often wonder how they perceive themselves.  Surely they don’t wake up thinking how can I offend or be unhelpful today?

Well I think that I have figured out that they reason away their behaviour…I have heard many excuses:

“I just tell it like it is”

“So what, I stand up for myself!”

“I am very confident”

“I wear my heart on my sleeve”

“I don’t have patience for fools”

And my all-time favourite “I can’t help it if I am honest”.

Do you think that you see yourself as others see you?  Put yourself in their shoes, be really honest….maybe looking from the outside in we might get a sense of some aspects of ourselves that might do with some improvement.  How do you think other perceives you? Now don’t just pick those that think you are awesome….when doing this exercise think about a broad range of people and how they see you….think about family, colleagues, group members, the local people down the street, friends and people that you just into contact with every now and then. How do you measure? Would you be happy with their view? Are there somethings about your personality that could do with an upgrade?

Are you as kind, helpful, positive, happy, friendly, polite and grateful as you can be? Do you mix well with others? When you are around do you get a sense that you brighten other’s days?

Do you treat others as you want to be treated? Let me know what you think?


2 responses to “How you see yourself versus how others see you????????

  1. Love this post, Michelle 🙂

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