What is truly meaningful to you?

My loved ones mean everything to me

My loved ones mean everything to me.

Well many of you may not realise but this little piggy blog comes to you from Australia. Today, a place that has been all over the world news and sadly for all of the wrong reasons. A chilling siege that ended with the heartbreaking news of the death of two innocent hostages. Tragedies such as these make you really think about what actually brings meaning to your life.

My heart went out to those petrified hostages held up for hours, not knowing if they would make it through the shocking nightmare. Moments like this must make you see life in a completely different light. Like a lightning bolt the things in life that truly matter to you must rush through you and everything else must pale into insignificance. Not that I ever want anyone to ever try to imagine what a moment like this might be like, and not that I ever believe that we can know how it feels; but life’s tragedies can really put life into perspective. What is truly meaningful in your life? If everything was to be stripped away, what are the few things that honestly matter to you? Do the things that you really care about in your life get the love and attention that they deserve or is this the moment to get you to take stock and re-evaluate?

5 responses to “What is truly meaningful to you?

  1. We are granted life so we don’t take life for granted, we are reminded of death so we can give our lives meaning, yet we walk through the day believing we are gifted with time so we waste hours, minutes, and seconds believe we will always be wealthy. Until we watch someone else’s clock run out than we tend to try to push many moments into small time periods leaving no real time for nurturing healthy relationships. We tend to see the world as flat when it is truly round, so we need to find a life we can call home, unpack all of our bags, and live in that existence until we cease to exist; allowing life to circle us instead of us circling life….then and only then will life have meaning!!!!

  2. Beautiful blog and a wonderful tribute. So grateful to know that He holds my hand through all of life’s challenges and trials. Blessings,

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