The true joy of Christmas………..

We are always kind to each other...not just at Christmas

We are always kind to each other…not just at Christmas

They say that the true joy of Christmas is in the giving.  Do you feel better when you give someone a gift or do you feel better when you give of yourself? Is it when you go shopping and buy presents or it when you give of yourself that you feel real joy?

I know what my favourite gifts are to receive.  I love it when others give me their time, their attention, their smile, their kindness and their genuineness.  It makes me feel like I belong, that I am accepted and that life has meaning.

Rather than the gift of presents isn’t it more meaningful to give or receive the gift of our true heartfelt presence? I am not suggesting that we throw away the gifts under the tree, but how about sparing a thought this Christmas to devoting real time and caring attention to all those that we come into contact with.

Can you please do me a big favour this Christmas and be thoughtful to everyone you interact with?

I thank you in advance for your kindness and wish everyone a Merry and safe Christmas.


2 responses to “The true joy of Christmas………..

  1. I’m with you on this, Michelle. I love the simple smile and kindness all through the year.

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