What is your greatest asset?

I choose to think positive, I choose to think positive...Ummmm

I choose to think positive, I choose to think positive…Ummmm

When you have a problem what is your greatest asset?  Could it be a loved one, a friend, your faith or maybe even in a book?  Just lately it has become very apparent to me that our greatest asset is very close to each and every one of us, we all have this help within our reach and we can reach it 24/7. So what is it you ask? It is our mind!  Think about it! What gets you through the tough times, what helps you solve problems, what gives you that get up and go, what picks you up every time you fall down? It is your thoughts and your self-talk. That voice inside your head that says, don’t give up, you can do it, just take a breath and be brave. It is that voice that tells you that you deserve better and that you are strong.  The only problem is that our greatest asset can also be our greatest weakness too.  When we are down, tired and out of sorts our mind can also be negative and self-defeating. So, literally the difference between being positive, brave, self-loving and being negative, afraid and self-loathing can be in our own thoughts. What do you think about yourself? What does your inner voice tell you? Is your self-talk positive and nurturing or is it negative and self-defeating?  Why when we can choose our thoughts would we ever choose pessimism and disapproval…especially for ourselves? The person who we should rely on most to be our strongest supporter, to back us at all times, to be our soft place to fall and make us happy should be ourselves. We should listen to our voices and not just treat them as noise….we should listen to them and when any smidge of unhelpfulness or insecurity sneaks in we should remind ourselves that we can choose our thoughts. Are your thoughts about yourself mostly positive or mostly negative? What do you do to change negativity to positivity? I’d love to hear from you.

2 responses to “What is your greatest asset?

  1. As you know, I choose always to think with my Spirit and not my ego, but when I’m on overload and find that hard to do, I just ask for guidance from my guides and also send all the stuff that’s weighing me down to the universe. In doing this simple act, In a day or so I start to see everything in a clearer light and know just what to do.

  2. Great way to cope! Thanks for stopping by.

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