How happy are you?

I am a happy little pig!

I am a happy little pig!

Where do you sit on the happiness scale…..if totally miserable is 1 and deliriously happy is 10…where do you fit in? Do you say that you wish you were happier but do little to improve your situation? Do you make up excuses for your lack of happiness? Do any of these statements come out of your mouth form time to time? “I’ll be happier when: I get a different job, when I have more money, when I meet that someone special, when I get a new car, when I have more time, when I lose weight etc. etc.” Do you want to know a secret?

You can be happier now. You can make your mind up right now to be happier. Start with really small things and then work on the more challenging. Happiness is contagious, so once you get that ball rolling you will find that happy moments start to multiply.

Some simple tips:

  • Tidy up (being organised stops that overwhelming feeling)
  • Get outside (enjoy your surrounds, get some Vitamin D)
  • Do some exercise (get moving even house work is moving, find what exercise suits you)
  • Eat better (we can all eat better)
  • Get more sleep
  • Socialize (go for a coffee, walk, share lunch with someone at work)
  • Have fun (do stuff that makes you laugh, a funny movie, see a friend who makes you laugh)
  • Interact with positive people (positivity is contagious…go out and catch some)
  • Start finding joy in the day to day parts of your life (we all have to do mundane things but seeing them as productive and achieving results makes the mundane so much more purposeful)
  • Be grateful (even on a bad day we all have things that we are grateful for. Go to bed each night thinking about what you were grateful for that day)
  • What makes you happy and gives you pleasure?(make a list of what makes you happy and gives you pleasure and do them)
  • What gives you purpose? (what do you do or want to do that makes you feel that you are alive.? What do you feel passionate about?)
  • Be kind to others (Kindness and acts of kindness not only brings a smile to those in receipt but also to you too).

Make sure your actions match your words…don’t say you wish you were happier but do nothing about it. Each of us are different so what makes me happy will not be for everyone so the trick is to find what makes you happy and do more of it. Do you really want to be happier and if so what changes can you make right now? What make you happy?

2 responses to “How happy are you?

  1. Happiness is found only in the now and inside of each one of us. Once I figured this out I was finally happy.

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