Time to take charge………….

I choose to be happy every single day!

I choose to be happy every single day!

Well where have the past 6 months gone? I have no idea…..but I am back……….

Isn’t the remote control an amazing invention?? There is nothing better than switching channels when shows are boring or changing from a drama to a comedy when you need a lift. We can even rewind or fast forward a movie……..this got me to thinking how great it would be to have a “life” remote control. When life is getting tough we could switch to happier times or when we muck up we could rewind to fix our faux pas………..Well guess what in a way we can!

We are in charge of our choices, our moods and how we handle our blunders. We can choose to be optimistic, grateful and happy or we can choose to go down the negative Nancy path. When others confront us or life throws us a challenge, we can choose how we react.

Do you know that the more optimistic, thankful and cheerful we are the more we strengthen the positive part of our brain? The more we build up our positive side the smaller the negative part of our brain becomes. Like a bicep or hamstring muscle we can actually give our positive part of our brain a strengthening workout.

So why not start exercising the positive part of your brain today? Can you take hold of your metaphorical remote and start taking charge today??

4 responses to “Time to take charge………….

  1. Well said. One of my favourite quotes…life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.

  2. This is a good reminder for me at the moment but I can tell you when you are sick every day for weeks and weeks the negative Nancy gets a look in! Yes it would be nice to get the remote and move onto happier times…I have been trying to practice being grateful despite my current challenges…..

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