What feels right to you?


I am at home in my tree, eating leaves…Mmmm

What feels right to you?  Where do you feel at home? Are aspects of your life that feel just right – like a snugly blanket or a lovely hug ? Are there aspects of your life that just dont feel right or are just not working?

If I could impart one lesson to my children it would be to follow their heart, to make decisions that feel “right” to them. To be themselves and to make decisions based on what is true to them.  I guess the real trick is knowing what feels right and what is true for you. Do you know what makes you happy? Have a think about it, make a list, it is possible to work on being a happier you?

What if you did more of what you liked and less of what you didn’t? Do you think this would make you happier?

4 responses to “What feels right to you?

  1. A nice little reminder to go with your gut, it never leads you astray.

    • How true Kerrie! The trick is to be in tune with our gut……..not always easy but when we remind ourselves of this, it normally sets us on the right path.

  2. Great advice, Michelle! We should all take a minute and think about what really feels right to us. Good advice especially for children.

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