How balanced are you?



Yahoo look how balanced I am???

I truly believe that one of the key lessons in life is balance. Having balance in our life improves our happiness.

Think about those times when you are stressed or feeling down and I bet that you’re juggling too many things. You know that feeling of being overwhelmed, can’t keep up, over stretched and simply not coping with all that life is asking of you.

I heard someone say today that life is like a tightrope and the light bulb in my mind went off that brightly that it nearly exploded.  Picture yourself walking along a tightrope and in your two hands you must keep a balance of 2 plates. Now on those 2 plates you must evenly balance yourself, family, work, relationships, relaxation, healthy eating, exercise, love, laughter and hobbies…….how balanced are your 2 plates? Can you stay on the tightrope or are you so unbalanced that there is no way you could even take one step on the tightrope?

If balance is a major key to life how balanced are you?

What can you do to have more balance in your life?


One response to “How balanced are you?

  1. Well said!

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