Are you ready for change?


Caterpillars always plan for change and look at the awesome results……

Have you ever noticed that as soon as you decide to go on a diet that naughty food appears? You are offered cake, invited to out to dinners, your favorite chocolate is on special or you instantly start craving delicious comfort foods?

When you are super focused on having a successful diet, you put strategies in place to accomplish your goals. You make plans to: stop going to work morning teas for a period of time; you go out for dinner and choose the healthiest option; you don’t go down the lolly isle at the supermarket;  you remove all naughty food from your house and you do a menu plan for healthy meals that you will stick too. When you are really determined you plan ahead and set your mind to it because you are setting yourself up for success.

Do you ever decide to go on a “mental/emotional diet”? To drop your bad habits; lose your negative mindset; reduce any self-destructive behaviors/thoughts or improve your self-talk? You may say to yourself things like : I am going to be more positive from now on;  I will stop complaining; I will not be compare myself to others ; I will not gossip, I will not put myself down or I will be more grateful…….etc. Just like the dieting scenario, it seems that as soon as you decide to get more positive, obstacles keep jumping out in front of you. A workplace problem arises, a relationship hits a rocky road, someone upsets you or you hit a flat emotional  point and so on. Just as you set yourself up for success with your diet, you need to plan ahead to help you be successful at dropping those negative behaviors/thoughts. Have you ever given this any thought/preparation? Or do you just try to wing it and wonder why it doesn’t seem to work?

Some tips:

Acknowledge your habit- if you were on a diet you would acknowledge a craving and know that it will pass. When you are feel the negativity habit rising, acknowledge it. Are you putting your self down, jealous, angry – name it, and know that it will pass and know that you have coping techniques that you can use.

Change your thinking – when negativity creeps in, refocus. Change your thoughts. Where are you, what can you smell, what can you feel?  Or count backwards from 100 to 0 by 5’s. Anything to shift your thought pattern.

Deep breathing – whatever technique you prefer.

Steer clear of people that grind your gears for a bit – just like you would stop going down the lolly aisle when dieting, stop seeing people who you feel negative around (it may only need to be a short break).

Be grateful – do this as often as you can, it can really shift your negativity. Studies show that 21 days straight of focusing on gratitude can really shift your mindset.

Do random acts of kindness for others to help you feel positive about yourself and get more positive.

Whenever your self-doubt or negative self-talk creeps in -Talk to yourself with kindness. Talk to yourself like you were your own best friend.

Nurture and support yourself. Know that you will feel better for the effort. It is a win win improvement.

Just as we can set our minds and behaviors up for success with a diet, we can set ourselves up to be successful at being more positive. Give it a try? Love to hear how you go?



One response to “Are you ready for change?

  1. Thanks. Yes I’m about due for this. Great reading 🙂

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