G.R.E.A.T. S.U.C.C.E.S.S.

black chimpanzee smiling

I am so happy and a GREAT SUCCESS!

We all just want to be happy right? Do you know what makes you happy? The great thing about us, is that we are all different and what make me happy, might not be your cup of tea, (or coffee if you prefer). Some aspects of our happiness are subjective and individual. I live in the country and NEED nature around me to be happy, you may thrive on the rush of the city. For me to be happy at work, my work HAS to involve helping people, whereas it may be essential for you to use your creative flair. In my downtime, I love quiet time and quality time with family and close friends, whereas you might feel super happy to be racing downhill on your mountain bike or searching through a crowded market or partying with your besties. The key is to find what makes you tick and what makes you feel happy.

Having said that, there are some key things that typically makes us all happier. These are well researched and documented to be the building blocks of our happiness. I always find that I remember things better by using acronyms, so I have created my own little happiness acronym to guide me through each day………..here it is:

Gratitude – every day think of things that you are grateful for. Make this a habit, it really helps.

Random acts of kindness – this gives us a warm fuzzy feeling and can lift someone else’s day.

Empathy – always try to put yourself in others shoes, you don’t know what they are going through.

Attentiveness – pay attention to those you are with. Put down that device, be present and listen.

Treat others how you want to be treated – an oldy but a goodie, speaks for itself.

Self care – eat healthy, get enough sleep, exercise, be mindful and love yourself.

Understanding – don’t look at everything from your perspective, try to understand others.

Calm – Start each day calm and try to stay calm. Getting frazzled never helps.

Compassion – try to be more tolerant, sympathetic and thoughtful.

Exercise – body and brain. Get moving, get out, learn new things and grow.

Social connections – introvert or extrovert, you need to connect socially. Just do it in your own way.

Self talk – Speak to yourself like you would speak to your dearest friend. Don’t be hard on yourself.

Practice these daily and I am sure that you will be happier and have GREAT SUCCESS!

What tips do you have for a happier life?


4 responses to “G.R.E.A.T. S.U.C.C.E.S.S.

  1. Great post Michelle. So happy to see you back! You have been missed.

  2. Thank you Michele. I didn’t realise that I had been away for so long. I’ve been catching up on your site too and really enjoying your posts. Look forward to staying in touch.

  3. His grin says it all:) Or hers?:) Thank you for sharing!

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