Please sir, I want some more……….

Please can I have some milk?

Please can I have more?

It goes without saying that we all want to lead a happier life.What are you actively doing to achieve this? What do you want more of in your life to bring you greater joy?

Why not use March as your month to think about what you want more of to make your life fuller and more enjoyable. Every March day, as you drive your car, go to sleep at night,walk the dog or go about your business, make a mental list of things that you are grateful for and want more of. It could be time with friends/family, more alone time, more creative time, more sleep, more exercise, more laughter,more cooking, more music,more reading, more adventure and so on. A nice way to get started is to make an A-Z list of what you want more of…………

Focus on what makes you happy and focus on how to get more of it. Bring on March and bring on more of what makes you happy. What make you happy?


2 responses to “Please sir, I want some more……….

  1. Great idea Michelle! I want to have more patience and calmness. I want to observe more and talk less. I guess all around practice being mindful more often.

  2. Great minds think alike………..I have been doing a mental A-Z list of what I want more of every day this month, (changing it up every day) and “C”almness, “L’istening, “M”indful and “P”atience have all been on my list. They say what you focus on grows, so how good will we be???

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