Our thoughts become our world…..

thinking chimp

I think about being happy (and about bananas)!

Our thoughts become our world…………..What does your world look like right now? Is it positive and happy or negative and complicated? Could you change your world by changing your thoughts?

Do you realise that one of your most powerful tools in your journey to happiness is your mind? The mind is a very powerful thing. You can choose to think a certain way or not, you can choose to say or not say things and you can always choose your reactions. How are you going to change your thoughts to make your world a happier and more optimistic place to be?

4 responses to “Our thoughts become our world…..

  1. So true. I do this now, but sure wish I would have done this in the past.

  2. Thank you for this post. I love how you have so succinctly explained it. We create our own reality through language, including how we listen. Often we are oblivious to what we are creating. Stopping to reflect on the reality we are creating can give us the freedom to more consciously create what we want to create, in my opinion.

    • Very true, we can be oblivious to what we are creating. As you say we really do need to stop and reflect on what we are actually creating. Thanks for dropping in.

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