Top tips for happiness

Pig helping lamb

I stay happy as a pig in mud by being kind to my little buddies.

Want to be happier?……….. four top tips to improve your happiness……………..

In all of my years of researching and learning about happiness, I have come to four top tips to practice on a daily basis that can really shift and improve your happiness levels.

  1. Gratefulness – I know I bang on about being grateful, but this is one true way to change your perspective on life and change your happiness. Every day, look for what you are grateful for and you will shift your mood and realise that simple things brings joy. Two habits that can really help this are 1. think of five things that you are grateful for morning noon and night time. 2. change the word “have” to get” e.g. I have to go to work to I get to go to work (many people don’t have a job and would love to have one); I have to cook dinner, to I get to cook dinner (some people tonight don’t have enough to make a meal from tonight), etc….. you get my drift.
  2. Forgiveness – we can all be less judgmental, less my way or the highway and less “I know what is right”. We can learn to be more accepting and realise that we all make mistakes. We can drop our ego and learn from others, rather than judge others. We can try harder to forgive and remember that forgiveness does not mean that we accept what others have done, forgiveness is about allowing us to release the anger that we hold within ourselves. Forgiveness is not something that you do for others but something that you do for yourself to be well and to move on. I always like to remember the saying that not forgiving is like us eating rat poison and expecting the other person to get sick. When we don’t forgive, we are the ones who suffer the effects of the poison, not the ones that we are thinking negatively about.
  3. Kindness – be more kind to others, but more importantly be much kinder to yourself. Stop comparing yourself to others and stop thinking that others should be more like you, (comparison is the thief of joy). Treat yourself like a best friend, talk lovingly to yourself, accept yourself and be yourself.
  4. Helpfulness – be more helpful to others. Do random acts of kindness on a daily basis, it can as simple as opening a door for someone, taking their shopping trolley back or merely saying hello to someone. Believe me it makes your day and those that you help.

What do you do on a daily basis that keeps you happy?

7 responses to “Top tips for happiness

  1. All four are tops for a key to be happier Michelle. I try to incorporate them into my life everyday. There will always be days when life gets us down and we’ll forget to practice these, but if we get into the habit of doing these four things daily we’ll get right back on the horse and ride on.

    • I agree totally, I try to practice these everyday and notice my mood shift when I don’t. Like the analogy of getting back on the horse.the happy horse! hahaha!

  2. This is a fabulous post! I love that gratitude is number one and I think you have very succinctly described some key steps to happiness. Thank you!

  3. little doggy
    makes me
    happy 🙂

  4. Reblogged this on happyasapiginmud and commented:

    A year can be a long time but it can also feel like yesterday….a post from a year ago seems just a relevant today as it did then. Let’s be grateful, forgiving,kind and helpful this 2020 with all of it’s challenges……………

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