Rules or roadblocks?

Happy chameleon

I have no rules, I change to what ever I like whenever I like. I am happy as a pig in mud (or a chameleon in the garden).

Do you have rules for yourself or for others that dont do you or them any justice? Do these rules sometimes give you grief and make you judgmental,critical and down right hard to please?

Where did these rules come from? Who made them the law and who says that they are right? The older I get the more I understand that everyone’s road to happiness is different and that sometimes our self made rules can be road blocks to our happiness. There is no one size fits all rule book. My guess is that most of our rules have grown up with us. These rule have been handed to us by well meaning relatives, teachers, coaches, colleagues, ourselves, friends and the like. Some of the self imposed are: you must always be busy; you mustn’t show emotions, you must look a certain way, you must like certain things to be cool, you must do a certain job, you must believe in this or not believe in that etc. As I have matured I have realised apart from actual law, there are no rules. I no longer want to impose my beliefs on others and I no longer want to make rules for others or myself. I want to be open to change my beliefs and to grow and learn. I realise that for my happiness, all of the old rules need to be archived and I need to move on. Do you need to look at some of your self imposed rules that dont nurture or support you and make some changes? “Break the rules, find your freedom and live your life” Akash Kotagiri



6 responses to “Rules or roadblocks?

  1. I think that this is an incredibly free-ing realisation to have. I hold an interpretation that we are a product of our learning through history – our upbringing, our culture, society, our experiences, and so forth. We take this learning on and we then go forth and do the things that we do, based on this learning. What tends to happen, I think, is that these “rules” start out as opinions that we then go on to live as truth. We see this so often in social media, when people have right-wrong debates over what is basically opinions. We also see it in our everyday existence: “I must clean the house and do all of the running around with the children because that is what wives and mothers do”, for example, when really that is something that we have learnt. It doesn’t have to be that way. Once we realise that our “rules” are opinions and not truths, I think so many possibilities can become available for us. I always looks forward to your posts, and this one really resonated with me. Thank you so much!

  2. Love your comments….. “Once we realise that our “rules” are opinions and not truths, I think so many possibilities can become available for us”. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I agree Michelle. Let’s break the rules and just live free. Most of the rules are just handed down or what society thinks we should believe. A person can’t breathe when they live with self imposed or handed down rules. Love this post!

    • Yes lets break the rules and live free! Cheers to breathing and living free of all of those rules. Why dont we figure these things out earlier in life??

  4. Have you ever read the four agreements? Not sure why, but that’s what your post is reminding me of.

    Love, light and glitter

    • Hi Eliza, yes I have read and loved the Four Agreements. I remind myself of it often……we can all learn so much from that little book. Thank you so much for stopping by.

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