Think like a K.I.N.G

smiling lion

I always think like a king, after all I am the king of the jungle! I am one happy lion!

Question: What is something that we do every waking moment of every single day? It affects our physical and mental health and definitely affects our happiness levels. It will determine how our day goes and will definitely have an impact on our future.

Answer: Our thoughts.

Every single one of us thinks,we self talk, we ask and answer our own questions,we have opinions, we reassure ourselves, we have beliefs, we make assumptions and sadly we criticize ourselves. We control our thoughts and have learn’t over a lifetime how we personally think and how we self talk. Are we a more glass half full or are we more pessimistic? Do we take things personally, do we hurt ourselves with our thoughts or are our thoughts generally more supportive? Here is new acronym to help us improve our thoughts ….. K.I.N.G! Think like a KING……… Let me explain….

  • Kind – think kind thoughts of yourself and others.
  • Intention – Be aware of your intentions and always choose your thoughts in love not fear
  • Nurture – Nurture yourself and others with your thoughts.
  • Gratitude – Think with a grateful mind. Replace the word “have” with “get” e.g. replace I “have” to go to work with I “get” to go to work etc. Looking through grateful lenses changes the way to see your world and can greatly impact your happiness.

We can all accept that we are what we eat , well I put it to you that it is equally important for us to know that we are what we think.I always think of the Gandhi quote: Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.

Could your thoughts and the way you think do with a reboot?

5 responses to “Think like a K.I.N.G

  1. This is a great post. An awesome reminder. Can I reblog it?

  2. Every once in a while I need to reboot how I’m thinking. I have discovered that the ego is the cause of my thoughts sabotaging my happiness. So, the way to combat that for me is to call up my Spirit to turn off my ego. So far it’s working. I love the quote by Gandhi and it’s so true.

  3. Replacing “have” with “get” is a great idea – I think I’ll try that out:)

  4. That’s the great mystery, “Why do we have an ego?” Maybe it’s just part of the struggle on this journey to try and become one with our Spirit. It’s the dark side of us trying to find the light.

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