Diet time – for the mind

yoga kitten

I love my kitty yoga – It’s a great way to exercise my body and my mind

Why is it that we are so focused on diets, how we look and how defined our abs are and sadly not as focused on our minds, self awareness and thoughts?

How we think has a massive impact on our health? There is a mega diet and fitness industry, every second advertisement is either for diets, super foods, fitness regimes, brilliant before and after photos and the like. Sure it is wonderful to have a focus on what we put into our bodies and our fitness, but it is equally important to have focus on self awareness, what we think, what we do and how we feel. Maybe in addition to “you are what you eat”, we need to shift towards “you are what you think”?

Super foods become super thoughts

  • I am enough
  • I don’t need to take things so personally
  • I will not make assumptions about other’s intentions
  • I will act in love not fear

Make time to exercise the body – how about also making time to exercise the mind

  • Practice gratitude
  • Practice thinking worthy thoughts
  • Practice mindfulness – be in the present
  • Think about what you love in life and do more of it

Instead of worrying about what we look like to others, how about thinking about how we treat others

  • Practice random acts of kindness
  • Practice forgiveness
  • Don’t make others live by your rules
  • More compassion and less judgement
  • Practice unconditional love
  • Connect with others – more in person and less on your devices
  • Use your words carefully and with love

Think of it as a diet for the mind. It will have an equally positive affect on your health and well-being as any diet can. Yes, you are what you eat , but it is hugely important to remember that you are also what you think, feel and say.


6 responses to “Diet time – for the mind

  1. I love, love this! What we feed our minds will have an impact on what we feed our bodies, too.

    Love, light, and glitter

  2. This is brilliant Michelle! We are always so worried about our outer shell that we forget that beauty comes from inside. We really are what we think.

  3. I loved this! Everyone should read it. Can I reblog it?

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