React, respond or refrain??


You are always so funny! I love your jokes!

How do you communicate? Are you happy with how you interact with others and how they interact with you? Can you go to sleep at night feeling that you have acted within your values, in kindness and in fairness to others?

All too often these days we see people who are not acting in a positive way. Whether it be on social media, to a shop assistant or to a family member – we see disrespect and negativity and this makes me sad to see how we can treat others.

Why do people act in this way? Is it ego, to win, to make a point, notoriety, to create chaos or just a lack of understanding?? I am am sure it is different for different people, but I wonder how they can feel good and happy about themselves in the aftermath.

We can choose how we communicate and if we choose in line with our values then I am sure the world would be a happier and kinder place. We can choose to:

  • React – quickly respond with emotion, lack of facts and to make a point. This generally ends in pain and feeling bad about it later.
  • Respond – consider a response, consider the other persons position and act in kindness. Really put thought into your words. Your words can be positive and nurturing or they can poison and hurtful. Know the power of your words and dont use your words to have power over others.
  • Refrain – Remember the old adage “if you don’t have something nice to say dont say anything”. Sometimes it is best to leave it. You know the truth and making a point will not always help. Generally when you act in anger or negativity you will feel bad about it later. I am not on any other form of social media but hear from friends, colleagues and on the media about the trolls and hate that some people speak with and it baffles me.

If the words you spoke (or typed) were tattooed on your skin, would you be beautiful?


6 responses to “React, respond or refrain??

  1. Timely post, Michelle. It fits with how people are acting today. I’m with you and completely don’t understand it. I try to be careful with my words and actions, but still find people–especially my daughters get offended usually by an action I’ve taken. I think people are also more sensitive today than ever before, which means we all should be careful and measure our words and actions. I think sometimes the best thing is to just be still and listen and when we speak or take action, ask ourselves “am I being kind?”

    • 100% agree and I love the question to ask ourselves before we speak….”am I being kind”? If everyone asked that before we spoke imagine how much more positive our world and social media would be. Thanks XX

  2. This ..
    This is always on my mind. Sometimes we may never realize the impact of what we say or how we say things. Especially when it’s people we know. Words are indeed powerful.
    Agree with your post🙌

  3. So true, people hide behind social media and say things they wouldn’t to peoples faces. I totally agree about not saying anything if you don’t have anything positive to say. Kindness isn’t something we should have to think about, it should be automatic…. ‘treat others how you’d like to be treated’ it’s not difficult but I guess for some it doesn’t come easy or they just don’t care. Xx

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