Top tips for happiness

A year can be a long time but it can also feel like yesterday….a post from a year ago seems just a relevant today as it did then. Let’s be grateful, forgiving,kind and helpful this 2020 with all of it’s challenges……………


Pig helping lamb I stay happy as a pig in mud by being kind to my little buddies.

Want to be happier?……….. four top tips to improve your happiness……………..

In all of my years of researching and learning about happiness, I have come to four top tips to practice on a daily basis that can really shift and improve your happiness levels.

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6 responses to “Top tips for happiness

  1. I love your tips. Trying to practice gratitude and kindness. Forgiveness is definitely for oneself. It doesn’t make the other person right. Just means you aren’t holding onto it any longer.
    Sending sunshine and sparkles and hugs…
    Love, light and glitter

    • Thanks for your lovely message and dropping by. Yes forgiveness is definitely for oneself… allows us to stop dragging around those heavy burdens. Love, light and glitter right back to you xxx

  2. Profound and inspiring post, Michelle and your tips on how we need to forgive, be kind, be loving and thankful are so necessary for our own happiness and bringing joy to others.

  3. This has always been a great post!

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