Bring back normality…..please???

Kangaroo thinking

Now let me think…what do I want my new normal to be like?

Remember the good old days??? Life rolled on and was what we fondly called normal.  2020 has thrown normality on it’s head and  tossed us around like waves on jaggered rocks.   In the rush to get back to normal we have an amazing opportunity to use this transition time to consider how we actually want our future normal to look.

2020 has taught us many lessons; resilience, adaptability; patience; strength; gratitude and hopefully it has taught us what we truly miss and what in life is of real value to us. Many of our lives have been simplified  and we have be shown what is important and what we are actually grateful for, but maybe took for granted.

What have you learnt about yourself? What do you want your new normal to look like? This is the perfect opportunity for us to take some time to think about what we truly value and try to think how our new normal will accommodate our values and our beliefs.

It is not often that we can go through something in life that truly resets us, but I think 2020 has provided us with some time to reflect and time to to realign to our core values. It’s time to put this jigsaw back together and make one beautiful picture. What is your new normal and what will your jigsaw look like?


15 responses to “Bring back normality…..please???

  1. Very truly and profound post, Michelle. We all will have to make our lives different from what has been happening around the world in the year 2020. Everyone and everything has changed and we all are yet quarantined who knows how many months this will all go on. Let us pray to God that all is well.

  2. I love all the time

  3. We never really knew how good things were going for us until 2020 happened. The thought of a “new normal” is a scary thing but you’re right, we can use this time to self-reflect and clearly see what matters to us the most

  4. So beautifully articulated Michelle. Yesterday Queensland made a surprise announcement that groups of 20 can gather from today. This will see the recommencement of all of my usual activities in the next week or so. Whilst I’ve been pondering what my new normal will look like for a while, the pressure is now on to dedicate some time to focus on this. Off for a walk when the fog clears to do just that!

    • Hope you enjoy your activities starting up again. I have greatly appreciated being able to go for my weekly walk with a dear friend and having people for dinner. In Victoria, we can only have small gatherings but I am happy as I am easily pleased. As life resumes I plan to make a conscious effort to choose pastimes that I really value. Hope you enjoyed your walk.

  5. I hope we’ve all learned to appreciate life more and realize how short it actually is. I know I treasure family and friends more and have become more patient. I think we learn our greatest lessons through dark times.

    • How true Michele. Family and friends are my treasures too. There are many lessons for me from these challenging times. Learning what I truly value and living to those values has been the theme of most of my lessons. Take care xxx

  6. What a year indeed. I enjoyed your post 💚🙏🏻.

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