Don’t poop in your own nest

Was just about to reblog this one from 2012, when I noticed Tony had just made comment……Guess it is meant to be. Enjoy!


Hey be nice....we all have to live in here together! Hey be nice….we all have to live in here together!

Have you ever heard of that saying “Don’t sh%t (poop) in your own nest”? To me it means that we should try not to ” do the dirty/betray/be negative” to those around us. We need to mindful of our relationships, in particular our actions and reactions to situations and try to maintain a respectful approach. Remember “treat others as you want to be treated”. Now I am far from perfect and have teenagers, so believe me I know that being calm and nice is not always possible but for the sake of this post I am actually thinking about work relationships……..

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2 responses to “Don’t poop in your own nest

  1. I remembered the other day that one time when I was having a problem with a co-worker that I tried finding some common ground to see if she would stop treating me so badly. It seemed that we were both raising teenagers and going crazy. That seemed to do the trick and she started being nice to me.

    • Great idea…try to find some common ground to see if the bridges can be built. It is better to try than to leave it to fester. Thank you for your wise words.

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