Balance in challenging times

Tightrope gorilla

OOOOooo, this balancing thing is tricky!

Do you ever feel that walking through life is a bit like walking a tightrope? Some days go smoothly and some days you are gripping tightly onto the balance bar struggling to keep any stability at all.

Balance is so key to a happy life and being able to maintain some sort of equilibrium for our body, mind and spirit is the glue that can keep it all together. After all we are what we do, think, say and feel.

Our bodies are our only vessel that we get for this life and like a car we need to maintain it and keep it in good balance. We need to balance self care, healthy nourishment, exercise and general well being to enable us to have a healthy body for as long as possible.

Our minds can be positive, nurturing and supportive or on the flip side negative, ego driven, judgmental and self sabotaging.  We are what we think and we need to be mindful and take time to learn how we can best turn a busy highway mind into a calm and nurturing mind.

Our souls need attention, love and self awareness. We need to have purpose, live within our values, listen to our intuition, be self aware and live a life with intention. We need to listen to our souls voice to help us make sense of our life and help us to make valued choices for us as individuals.

Balancing this in normal times is tricky and as humans, we can only but try our best. Throw into the mix a global pandemic, (COVID19), and it becomes so much more complex. Right now, we are not only trying to grip onto our balance bar on our tightrope, but it feels like we are trying to do it wearing high heels, with a basket of fruit on our head whilst trying to solve a difficult to math equation whilst precariously perched over a canyon.

Life is hard, but we can do this! If we focus on balance and trying to walk as calmly and mindfully as possible on our tightrope, we can be happier and have individual success.

Self care- eat, sleep, exercise and take care of yourself

Unconditional love for ourselves and our loved ones

Compassion for yourself and others

Control what you can and accept what you can’t

Empathy for yourself and those around you

Self talk – make it positive, be your own best friend

Social – whether you have one friend/family member that you like to talk to or many – stay in contact even if it can’t be in person. Chat, laugh, and just enjoy each other’s company, it really helps.

Stay safe and let’s take care of ourselves and those around us.


9 responses to “Balance in challenging times

  1. I like your success tips.
    Love, light and glitter

  2. Thank you Eliza! xxx

  3. We should all take your advice Michelle. Hard times like these need people like you helping us to keep our balance.

  4. Great wisdom here … like the ‘highway’ mind, I use the term ‘monkey’ mind!

  5. Love your SUCCESS !!! Your amazing, lighting up the truth for us all X

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