Who is your best friend????


They do say that I AM man's best friend...can I be your best friend??

Who is your best friend?  Who can you confide in 24/7?  Who is always there for you?  Who can you always count on, guaranteed, from today until the day you die? Who REALLY knows what you think…even your inner most private thoughts?  Who will be there for you in good/bad…in sickness and in health?  Who will still be your friend even if you have done things you are not proud of?  Who you ask???  Is a name coming to mind? Guess what? I know who can tick all of those boxes for you?……………………………………………..

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5 responses to “Who is your best friend????

  1. Great wisdom here, but I do have a dear friend of many decades who is just as reliable 🙂

  2. This is so true, and want to share this with everyone. To truly embrace my truth in life was actually STOP taking in what others say and think, and just tune in to the real me, tap in to my inner wisdom. xx

    • We are all unique and thats the way it’s meant to be “be yourself – everyone else is taken”. When we be ourselves we find our own truth and our unique inner wisdom. One of life’s most valueable lessons. 😍😍😍

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