What is your story

angry lioness

I like to tell everyone how angry I am…….

What is your story?

“The life I live is created by the story I tell”….so what story do you tell others?ย  ย What life are you creating by the stories you tell to others and yourself?

Are you telling yourself you are enough, you are positive, you are happy and you deserve a fulfilling life? Or do you tell yourself and others that you are not enough, that you are negative and that you are less them?

These stories dont need to be “literal” stories – they might the way you present, your energy, your mood or your daily commentary.

Be mindful of your thoughts, your words, your energy – everything you do, think and say tells your story – so I ask you again – if the life you live is created by the story you tell – is your story one that you are happy with? What can you change to improve your story – your life?

11 responses to “What is your story

  1. live the best life that I can … what story do you tell yourself?

    • Me too….I tell myself that I am kind, happy,grateful, forgiving and loving. I hope that this is reflected in what I say, do, think and feel. As with everything this is always a work in progress. XXX

  2. Inspiring and profound post, Michelle. A positive story of love and kindness is what we need to be telling ourselves every day of our lives.

  3. I don’t know anymore…

    • Hi, I find when Im not sure I really need to see what I value and what means most – then I feel more connected to myself and then I can start to try each day with a positive story. Talk to yourself the same way you would talk to a child that you love…..be kind and gentle….you are stronger than you think XXX

  4. I try to tell and live a story of encouragement and love.

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