Anger = fear…


If you want to see an angry, aggressive, defensive animal than all you need to do is find an animal that is scared. We all know that if you back an animal into a corner or threaten them they will get their hackles up, show their teeth and if you are not careful attack you.  This is a natural  instinctive reaction to a threat. Well you do realise that we too, are animals. Do you realise that when you are angry that you are actually afraid?

Think of something that raises your hackles, ticks you off and really makes you boil over. Take some time to be alone with this anger and actually ask yourself “What am I afraid of in relation to this situation?” Common fears are: fear of failure, I am not good enough, others are better than me, what will others think of me, I am not worthy, I am not loveable, that you will be left alone, abandonment, the fear of being lied to, the fear of not being honest with yourself and the fear of not living within your own morals are just a few that spring to mind.If you can actually work on your fear you have a really good chance of letting go of your anger.  What is the worst thing that could happen in this situation? Be real about your perception of the events, don’t exaggerate events and try to resolve these matters  within your own heart. Work with it and try to name your fear, be real about it and move on.

So next time you are angry, please take time alone and ask yourself “What am I afraid of?” Let me know how you go?

5 responses to “Anger = fear…

  1. You are so right Michelle. When thinking back on my anger I can see that fear was feeding it. Such good advice and practice for us all to do.

    • Yes fear feeds all anger – we really to need to pay attention to our feelings and ask why we may be feeling this way with a very honest view.Thank you for popping in.

  2. Excellent post so profound and inspiring, Michelle. Anger and fear go together and spoil everything around us. We have to completely take control and be happy and joyous. Lovely words.

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