Health check….how do you rate?

We just love our yoga!

Do you believe that our state of health affects our happiness?? I do.  If you had a house and it was run down…the foundations were weak, the walls were cracking, the windows were busted, the roof leaked, there was rubbish piled up and the garden was overgrown….do you think it would be a good place to live…a healthy place??? 

If a storm came how could this house cope??  Think of your body as this house…….are you strong, are you coping, and are you treating yourself well? Are you showing yourself respect or are you letting yourself fall into disrepair?  Look after you and you will cope, you will glow, you will thrive, and you will be happier. Take time to ask yourself what you can do to improve your health and wellbeing?  Do you eat well; exercise; get enough sleep, do you have any bad habits that you need to lose and is your mind healthy? It is time to look after ourselves and be the best we can.


9 responses to “Health check….how do you rate?

  1. True words of how to take care of your health especially during these times of the pandemic. A nice and inspiring post, Michelle.

  2. If we don’t take care of ourselves then how can we care for anyone else. So true Michelle. Great reminder on being good caretakers of our body and soul.

  3. Taking the time to nourish ourselves with loving thoughts, being less critical on ourselves. Feeling lazy, still in bed, instead of berating ourselves about how badly we are doing, snuggle that doona, feel the softness of our pillow and enjoy the moment. Start sending loving messages to our body, in all that we do. XXXX Love you Michelle

  4. Gorgeous pic of the froggies BTW xx

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