Penny for your thoughts?

I feel like dancing!

Music makes me happy. I listen to it while I’m driving, cleaning and any other chance I get. The louder the better. I have my Spotify playlists of all my favourite tunes that get played on repeat. Out of the blue popped up my 2021 “what you’ve listed to list” which gave me a smile and a little mash up of all my favorites. This got me to thinking – what if my top thoughts of 2021 also showed up on my phone and showed me what I had been thinking and ruminating about for the past year??

Sadly, I am sure for many of us the top 5 may be more negative than positive.  I always try to be more positive and grateful, but studies show we are hard wired to be more negative than positive.  What would your top 5 thoughts, worries, thinking genres be for 2021?

How about we make a pact to try to make 2022’s thoughts playlist look more positive, grateful, nurturing and more optimist? How about when Negative FM radio turns on in our mind we make a conscious effort to turn that over to Positive FM?

Here’s to training our thoughts and working out that positive thought muscle.


8 responses to “Penny for your thoughts?

  1. Being optimist and positive in each and every circumstances is what life is all about. A lovely post, Michelle.

  2. This post came at the right time for me Michelle. I’ve been thinking about how to have more fun thoughts and more time to play and just be in nature. Learning to be a better listener, and reminding myself to stay present when my mind wants to worry is something I’ve been doing this year. Sometimes I slip backwards so I’m hoping to do better next year. You must read my mind, lol.

    • I think not only do we have the same name but very similar personailty types.Everything you wrote may as well have been written by me – I need to remind myself and learn the same things. Cheers to learning, mindfulness, listening and turning worry into postives as much as possible.

  3. I love that Michelle! We are two peas in a pod that’s for sure. Here’s to a wonderful and interesting journey.

  4. findyourtruthwellness

    Music is such a great tool when we tune-in music that uplifts us.

    During the first lockdown I recalled singing & humming activated the vagus nerve, which activates the lovely rest & digest phase. You really can tap into more joy, motivation, inspiration with music.

    Beautiful post Michelle, thank you for sharing 💕💕

    • Thank you Beth, yes I have read about the vagus nerve and the amazing health benefits. How good that something so enjoyable, like lovely music, can help to improve our health and well being. 💕💕💕

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