We’re going on happiness hunt..

Hey can you please tell me where I find happiness?

Have you heard the nursery rhyme “we’re going on a bear hunt?” or maybe you had secret aspirations to be a detective?  This week’s challenge is to go on a happiness hunt….

Do you recognise when you are happy? This week the challenge is to catch yourself being happy. It’s very easy to run through each day with what is not working or to make a list of negative events. How about swapping that to looking out for all the things that make you smile and feel good. Negative attracts negative and positive attracts positive, so let’s be positive seekers. Look for the good in others, at work, in your neighborhood, with your family and friends and in general day to day life. A smile, an act of kindness, a kind word, being thankful or a pleasant sight can all transform your thinking and your day. Looking at things more positively can change your day, your mood and your life. Try hunting out happy times – it is healthier, more positive and you will be much more enjoyable to be around.   Go forth and seek out happy moments this week – see how your week improves.


11 responses to “We’re going on happiness hunt..

  1. True words of Reality, Michelle. Inspiring and lovely post. We all need to be happy and joyful in our lives.

  2. I’m taking on this challenge. I need more happiness in my life!

  3. What a wonderful post, and assignment may we all take part in it. I think you will enjoy this post “Beauty Hunter” with a similar assignment.

    Beauty Hunter

  4. Love this idea Michelle. We should seek out happiness and spread it all around. Be like a child and play and laugh.

  5. I’m going to go on a happiness hunt this week. Love this idea! We do need to spend time doing this and finding the good in our days!

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