Look for what is going right…

I’m gratfeul that my mum can carry me around…

Do you ever find yourself obsessing about what is wrong in your life?

Obsessing about what is going wrong, does not allow us or give us space to focus on gratitude or what is going right. Life is like a roller-coaster and we will always have highs and lows. The trick to trying to stay positive and being happier is being a grateful seeker. Trying to find things we are grateful for and looking for the good can help us stay in the light. This week try to be a grateful seeker – do this in your relationships, your job, your life, with yourself and see how things improve.


5 responses to “Look for what is going right…

  1. Yes Michelle the trick is to stay on course and be grateful and full of positivity. Lovely and profound post.

  2. Michelle, I love, “Try and be a grateful seeker.” It’s too easy for all of us to find what’s going wrong in our lives or the world. Taking a step back, opening our eyes we can see there is so much going right and be grateful for it all.

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