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Health check….how do you rate?

We just love our yoga!

Do you believe that our state of health affects our happiness?? I do.  If you had a house and it was run down…the foundations were weak, the walls were cracking, the windows were busted, the roof leaked, there was rubbish piled up and the garden was overgrown….do you think it would be a good place to live…a healthy place??? 

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Top tips for happiness

A year can be a long time but it can also feel like yesterday….a post from a year ago seems just a relevant today as it did then. Let’s be grateful, forgiving,kind and helpful this 2020 with all of it’s challenges……………


Pig helping lamb I stay happy as a pig in mud by being kind to my little buddies.

Want to be happier?……….. four top tips to improve your happiness……………..

In all of my years of researching and learning about happiness, I have come to four top tips to practice on a daily basis that can really shift and improve your happiness levels.

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Diet time – for the mind

yoga kitten

I love my kitty yoga – It’s a great way to exercise my body and my mind

Why is it that we are so focused on diets, how we look and how defined our abs are and sadly not as focused on our minds, self awareness and thoughts? Continue reading

Think like a K.I.N.G

smiling lion

I always think like a king, after all I am the king of the jungle! I am one happy lion!

Question: What is something that we do every waking moment of every single day? It affects our physical and mental health and definitely affects our happiness levels. It will determine how our day goes and will definitely have an impact on our future. Continue reading

Are you ready for change?


Caterpillars always plan for change and look at the awesome results……

Have you ever noticed that as soon as you decide to go on a diet that naughty food appears? You are offered cake, invited to out to dinners, your favorite chocolate is on special or you instantly start craving delicious comfort foods? Continue reading

Is there a formula to happiness?

How dare you say that I am angry!

Happy?? I’m not happy!

Well happiness is not the same for everyone, because luckily we are all different. The one thing I know is that happiness is not handed to us on a plate. It is something that we must work on from within and on a daily basis to achieve. Continue reading

How balanced are you?

We are trying to get a little balance in our lives....

We are trying to get a little balance in our lives….

Do you often feel like you are juggling glass balls….pushed and pulled in 50 different directions? Or do you just feel like you don’t get time to do what you enjoy and love? We are often told that balance is the key to a happy and healthy life…… but for many of us our life is completely out of whack. Let’s face it……life gets busy and it can be so hard to find that mysterious “balance”. Continue reading

Help!!! I need to get motivated!!!

I am pooped! I just need a bit more rest!

I am pooped! I just need a bit more rest!

Okay, so the  festive feasting time is over and it is time to go back to normal.  Time to eat less and exercise more??????  Then how come my mind and body are still on holidays and refusing to co-operate?? I feel buggered and can not get motivated to move, and those yummy Christmas leftovers are still calling out to me from the fridge.   HELP????  I need some suggestions to get me out of laziville and into get up off your butt and start looking after yourselfville.  Please I need all the help you can send me??????????? How do you turn it around?  How do you pick yourself up, dust off the feasting and relaxing mode and turn on the I want to be healthier mode??? I welcome all suggestions……………

Are you having sleeping problems????

Nothing better than a good ol cat nap!!!!  ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Nothing better than a good ol cat nap!!!! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Did you know that a lack of sleep can affect your happiness? Ask anyone that is suffering from sleep problems and I bet you a million dollars it impacts their life in some way.  I know, personally, I feel like I have a hangover and have no energy, if I have under 8 hours sleep. This does not make me feel like a happy little piggy……are you getting enough sleep?? Continue reading

Doing the “Right” thing???????

I feel good.............

I feel good.............

Following on from our Random Acts of kindness post,(see under Health and Well Being Heading dated 12 Aug 2011 ), another shopping experience made me think of a new post.  I bought some milk and a bunch of scourers, (exciting shopping, I know) and when asked would you like a bag I said “No thank you, I shall just carry these”…………walking out of the shop juggling my shopping with my purse I felt a sense of “goodness” come over me as I had done the “right thing” and did not waste a plastic bag.  It made me think how it definitely feels good to do the “Right thing”.  Continue reading