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Could be good……could be bad????

So how could this be good???

So how could this be good???

This old post is very true in these times when there is so much uncertainty…some things we see as bad but also many things that we can see coming out of this strange year as good…………

Life can be great and quite frankly at times it  can really suck! They say that we are never given more than we can’t handle but I know at times, we feel like we are being tested to the nth degree and have no idea how we might get through.

Now a little faith….. in love , in life, in humanity is what gets me through. But I am also a firm believer that we are put on this planet to learn and just like at school, some lessons are interesting and fun and some lessons we would much rather skip altogether. So next time you are struggling, stressed out, going through a bad patch read this story and I hope it gives you a little hope…… Continue reading


To fear or not to fear that is the question?

To fear or not to fear that is the question? Mmmm

To fear or not to fear that is the question? Mmmm

Feel the fear and do it anyway…push through the fear OR never choose in fear….Fear begets fear??? To fear or not to fear that is the question? Do we feel fear and still do something or do we steer clear of fear altogether? Why are some lessons so confusing? Continue reading

Stress and over thinking…..are you a worrier?

Please help me to stop worrying...I am so stressed out!

Please help me to stop worrying…I am so stressed out!

Are you a worrier? When you are concerned or troubled about something, when you can’t get it off your mind, what do you do that helps you move on, clear your head and get back on track? Continue reading

Stress…….what is is doing to you?

I have been so stressed out lately and I am feeling so bloated.

I have been so stressed out lately and I am feeling so bloated.

Let me ask you what will seem like two completely unrelated and bizarre questions, (just bare with me, it will all make sense shortly):
1. Are you a bit of a worrier or stress head?
2. Do you have a “muffin top”, (a bigger tummy than you may like?)
No, I have not lost my mind or run out of post ideas. Even though these two questions may seem completely random and unrelated they in fact go very much hand in hand. Let me explain……………. Continue reading

Christmas….stressful or stressfree??

Christmas is too stressy Ruff! Don't be silly Christmas is fun Meow!

Christmas is too stressy Ruff! Don’t be silly Christmas is fun Meow!

What does the festive season mean for you? Does it conjure up an enjoyable, fun time spent with loved ones or a domino effect of stressful events that finally culminates on Christmas day? Are you a keep it simple kind of organiser or are you more of a “Home Beautiful magazine/Martha Stewart” type of host? Continue reading

How brave are you?

Mummy says that I am a very brave kitty!

Mummy says that I am a very brave kitty!

Do you ever stop to think about how brave you are? Continue reading

Stress less…..enjoy more!

A hot bath always relaxes me!

A hot bath always relaxes me!

Stress is sadly a daily occurrence for many of us. Whether we create our own worry or have stress thrust upon us, we all know that it is not healthy or productive. Not only does it impair our immune system, affects our mood, upsets our relationships, bring us down, affects our health and overall well-being but it is proven to reduce our life span. It is ironic that given what we know about stress that we seem to do very little to reduce it. This brings me to this week’s topic…What can you do to reduce stress in your daily life?
We all know that when we are free of or have greatly reduced stress levels that we are happier and healthier. Life seems to bubble along smoothly, we cope well, we are in good health and we are more enjoyable to be around. Continue reading


What's wrong with being negative....I am fine!

What’s wrong with being negative….I am fine!

Negativity can be poisonous and stressful. Think of having pessimistic thoughts or using destructive words as filling yourself up with poisons. When you are having a bad day and being negative think of that as pouring toxins into your body. Each thought or word is like a cup of toxin entering your body, affecting your health, your immunity and changing your entire outlook. It can be contagious and doesn’t do anyone any favours. Negativity can seem to take on a life of its own and it is very draining. Imagine being in a conversation with someone who is focusing only on gloom and doom, we have all been there and it is not pleasant. So what can we do to change, to be more positive and to be more pleasant to be around? Continue reading


What? Are you trying to tell me I can choose my feelings?

What? Are you trying to tell me I can choose my feelings?

When you are having a stressful moment do you realise that you have some choices to make? You can choose to immerse yourself in your stress, you can think about it constantly, you can make the situation worse by inflaming things and you can lose all objectivity in relation to that particular worry, OR, you can choose to try to turn things around, change your head space, build some resilience and really work hard to try to improve things? What choices do you make??? Continue reading

Do you let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy????

I am always worrying about make my head ache!

I am always worrying about things…it make my head ache!

When you are going about your normal day, what is your mind doing? Is it with you or is it against you? I don’t know about you but my mind is constantly chatting. The only time it is not is when: I am asleep; I am really focused on a task or when I am listening to others. The rest of the time my mind is tuned into “my own internal chatter station”. I tell you it is one busy station. My issue is, that I have come to realize that a large portion of “my chatter station time” is spent worrying/concerned and just plain overthinking. I can go for hours worrying about a friend’s problem, a family member’s situation, how to fit too much in to my day/week, work issues etc…….I have realized that I am creating my own continual, low level stress. Are you, too, a little guilty of letting your thoughts take over???

I have made a conscious decision to STOP….(OK..let’s be honest, work on)…this. There is enough stress in the world without me creating my own. As I have discussed before,, stress is not good for our health or our emotional well-being, so why not try to reduce our stress levels where ever possible?
From now on when “The worry chatter station” comes on in my head…. I have come up with a plan of attack: Continue reading