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Are you being your best?????

Okay so I suppose I could behave better?

Okay so I suppose I could behave better?

How funny it is that we can stand on the outside of other people’s lives and it seem so easy for us to see what mistakes they are making or what they do that seems to work so well for them. Yet when it comes to our own lives we can, at times, we can be blindfolded to events, people and negative situations. If some “wise old one” was to stand on the outside of your life looking in, what do you think they would see? Continue reading


Do you let other’s run their own race?

Why don't you listen?  I told you to bark like me...stop that meowing!

Why don’t you listen? I told you to bark like me…stop that meowing!

Following on from my Run your own race  post which talked about doing your own thing, running your own race and  not comparing yourself to others, I thought that we might need to look at  this from another point of view.  Absolutely!…..We  should run our race…….but the flip side of this is letting others  run their own race too. Continue reading

It’s all about the feeling!

I always feel like I don't fit in....I feel so shy!

I always feel like I don’t fit in….I feel so shy!

Following on from our “Law of Attraction” lessons, I thought that the following scenarios might help us to better understand this theory and it’s complexities.  The law of attraction is not easy to understand and really involves us knowing what we really FEEL!, deep down.  How we feel is so much more important than what we say and even what we do. Our true feelings will alter the course of our lives, what we achieve, our relationships, our highs and our lows……….. Continue reading

1st of the month reality check: What is your story?

Crazy I the only one who can drive around here??

Crazy I the only one who can drive around here??

Do you have a story? Do you tell your story to anyone that will listen…over and over? Could you be slightly annoying to those that come in contact with you? It may be…..My life is full of problems story, things that make me angry story, my annoying family story, I am toooooooo busy story, how annoying everyone else is story, my horrible job story?….you get the drift.  Do you replay the same old problems over and over in your mind or even worse…… to anyone you come across? Are you like a broken record? Telling your story over and over.  Do people see you coming and run the other way? Under their breath are they saying “Here we go again….we have to listen to this AGAIN” Continue reading

First of the month reality check…oops 6th of the month

You gotta laugh or sometimes you'd go crazy.....

You gotta laugh or sometimes you'd go crazy....

oops I am 5 days late…..gee time does fly! Here are 6 quotes that help me remember to be grateful……Hope you like them too?? Continue reading


What makes you happy??

Your jokes make me so happy!!

That was the funniest joke ever!!! You make me happy!!

I imagined and hoped that this blog was going to be a place to share…..share thoughts, ideas, issues, hints and fun stuff.  I envisaged us helping each other and growing together in our daily challenge to be as happy as we can be. I suppose I thought it would be like a chat between friends.  Lately, even though it appears that people are visiting my blog, I can’t really be sure what you are thinking out there????? Continue reading