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Anger = fear…


If you want to see an angry, aggressive, defensive animal than all you need to do is find an animal that is scared. We all know that if you back an animal into a corner or threaten them they will get their hackles up, show their teeth and if you are not careful attack you.  This is a natural  instinctive reaction to a threat. Well you do realise that we too, are animals. Do you realise that when you are angry that you are actually afraid?

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Who says a leopard can't change their spots?

Who says a leopard can’t change their spots?

What is your relationship with “Change” like? Do you invite it into your life and look at it as a fresh start or do you fear it and do everything in your power to avoid it? Do you recognise aspects of your life that need change or do you just hope that if you keep doing the same thing that somehow, miraculously, things will just get better? Well I am here to tell you that life will not change unless you start the ball rolling. For things to change, we must change. “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results” – Albert Einstein Continue reading