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Balance in challenging times

Tightrope gorilla

OOOOooo, this balancing thing is tricky!

Do you ever feel that walking through life is a bit like walking a tightrope? Some days go smoothly and some days you are gripping tightly onto the balance bar struggling to keep any stability at all. Continue reading


How balanced are you?

We are trying to get a little balance in our lives....

We are trying to get a little balance in our lives….

Do you often feel like you are juggling glass balls….pushed and pulled in 50 different directions? Or do you just feel like you don’t get time to do what you enjoy and love? We are often told that balance is the key to a happy and healthy life…… but for many of us our life is completely out of whack. Let’s face it……life gets busy and it can be so hard to find that mysterious “balance”. Continue reading

Organisation….balance is the key!

This mess is stressing me out, can't we get more organised?

This mess is stressing me out, can’t we get more organised?

I am a firm believer that being organised can be a major contributor to our happiness. When we feel on top of things and that life is in order we have a sense of serenity and calmness. When we are in a state of disorder we can feel overwhelmed and overly stressed. Is organisation making your life enjoyable or on the flip side, too rigid and strict? Would those around you say that your life is: a mess; organized or too controlled? Continue reading

Are you looking after yourself?????

My body is my temple....yummy...yummy!!!

My body is my temple....yummy...yummy!!!

Do you say health is important to you but live as though you have a replacement body waiting on the side lines that you think you can use when this one wears out?  Be honest???  Do you say you should exercise but have no time? Do you say that you should eat less but eat more?? Do you indulge in anything too much??? Continue reading